Despite the current situation we continue to deliver your orders.


You have seeds and wish that we sow them for you, send us this form by the service in order to obtain a prior agreement for this seeding.


What contains this service?


This service contains all the phases of IVC allowing you to recover seedlings suitable for deflashing either:


1.The initial planting of all or part of your seeds according to the type of contract you will ask us

2.As many transplants as necessary to obtain seedlings to be deflashed

3.Finalizing the flasks as agreed in the terms of the contract (Shipping costs extra)


What are price lists?


The price contains the charge for your seeds 5€

A Flask rate based on two criteria:


1.Sow with exclusivity (No seed or seedling will be operated by Patrick POLBOS Orchids): 20€/Flask if less than 10 flasks, 15€/Flask between 10 and 20 flasks and 13€/Flask beyond

2. Partial sow with recovery of X flasks and transfer of the rest to Patrick POLBOS Orchids: 13€ per Flask on a basis of 20 plants by Flask


.The final shipping costs, at your expense and calculated according to the number of flasks generated


monitoring of the operation


after transmission of the application form to Patrick POLBOS Orchids and according to the seeds proposed and our availability, your file can be accepted, it will then be returned to you with an allocation N° that will allow its monitoring throughout the operations.

You will then have 8 days to send us your complete pods with a copy of the acceptance of your file as well as your settlement.

At each phase of work on your file, it will be updated and you will be able to follow it directly on the internet using the link and pasword provided to you, an email will systematically inform you of the update of your file.


We remind you that it is not possible to send your seeds directly without our prior consent and that, during the settlement phases, any absence of payment within 8 days will result in the cancellation of the contract, the plants being then under the full responsibility of Patrick POLBOS Orchids without any possible claim.