Despite the current situation we continue to deliver your orders.


The C.I.V. courses of repotting or herbal care are accessible to anyone initiated or not.


Process of registration in the courts:


  1. Complete This form  and send it to us through the service
  2. Upon receipt of the form and according to the list of pending applications and their level, dates will be proposed to you
  3. After validation of this date, a period of 7 days will be allocated to you to make the payment, past this period, your reservation will lapse
  4. After receipt of your payment the date and the program of this course will be communicated to you.


Where and how long courses are held:


Courses take place at 1A rue de la prairie 02300 SINCENY and will last approximately 3H


Which are price lists:


Courses are offered at a single price of 30€ with a maximum of 5 participants in order to allow all the time necessary for a good understanding of the techniques


Note that the C.I.V. requires the use of Javel, so come with suitable clothing, for the rest, glasses and protective gloves are provided


At the end of the course, each pupil leaves with one of his achievements (Sowing or transplanting box according to the theme of the course)