Despite the current situation we continue to deliver your orders.



On the site of Patrick POLBOS Orchids, we wanted to reward ALLcustomers without distinction good or bad, big budget or not that is why, beyond our commitment to ensure the cheapest prices of france (See Warranty of best price) we strongly wish to reward your loyalty according to the following criteria::


1. Points loyalty.

Any non-promotional product is entitled to loyalty points, up to 1 point per euro. The loyalty point at a value of 2 cts is 2% of the purchase price. You can use your loyalty points by converting them into a voucher from your customer menu, a minimum purchase of €10 is required to use its loyalty voucher. Loyalty points have a validity period of 1 year.

2.The birthday present

Anyone who has already made an order is awarded a voucher of €3 to each of his birthdays.

3. The sponsorship

Anyone who has already made an order is given the opportunity to sponsor as many people as they wish, it is enough that the godson indicates the email address of his sponsor when he registers. This system gives the right to a voucher of 2€ on the first purchase of your godson, he will then also have a voucher of 2€ on his second purchase.

4. The offered postal charges.

For any order above 100€, shipping costs are offered.

5. The annual rewards.

Each year, the first three customers with the best total ratio purchased over number of orders are assigned a "premium" status, with any customer already having this type of status and also ranking the following year moving to higher status.

The rights acquired with the acquisition of this status are guaranteed FOR A LIFE TIME.

These statuses and the corresponding rights are listed below in ascending order:

  • Silver Customers: 2% lifetime discount throughout the site including promotions.
  • Gold Customers: 3% lifetime discount throughout the site including promotions.
  • Platinum Customers: 4% lifetime discount throughout the site including promotions.


6. The list presents.

Throughout your visit to the site Patrick POLBOS Orchids, you have the opportunity to create gift lists and register your favorite products there, this list will be useful in time at events like mother and father’s parties, Christmas parties etc

It allows you to transmit it to whomever you wish in order to be offered.