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Odontoglossum, Oncidium, Brassia, Gomesa, Psychopsis and Allied Genera There is 1 product.

Odontoglossum is a genus of orchids comprising more than 300 species with varied shapes and colors originating from the mountainous regions of South America. Their shape and colors are very varied.

Oncidium is a genus of orchids native to tropical America of very varying sizes depending on the species.

Brassia is a kind of orchids frequently called spider orchids.

Gomesa has been refurbished and includes many species, some of which were still recently part of other genera (Baptistonia, Ornithophora, Rodrigueziella, Rodrigueziopsis, some Mesospinidium or Oncidium etc.). These are all sympodial-growing American species.

Psychopsis is an American genus with only 4 epiphytic species with cespitose wear. Their pseudobulbs, ovoid to subglobulous, tablets and rough, carry a single leaf, elliptical to oblong, dark green, often dotted or stained with purple. The lateral inflorescence in raceme or panicle with little branching, carries flowers that open in succession, yellow marked with red-brown, rarely yellow plain or yellow and white.