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Angraecum, Aerangis, Aeranthes and related genera There are 2 products.

Angraecum has over 200 species. Some of them are spectacular. This genus is included in the Sarcanthinae tribe. These species do not have pseudobulbs but have a monopodial-growing stem. These orchids are often large, epiphytic, adapted to the conditions of the dry forests of tropical Africa or Madagascar. Only a few species are native to Asia.

Aerangis is a genus of which we know about fifty species that we encounter in the rain forests of Africa of the Comoros and Madagascar. Most of the time, they are epiphytes, but some also settle on rocks. They are close to Vanda. Their small, usually white flowers are pleasantly scented at night.

Aeranthes is an epiphytic genus of the tropical forests of Madagascar or the Comoros.

They have more or less translucent greenish flowers in drooping inflorescences.