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Dracula (Alaticaulia), Lepanthes, Masdevallia, Octomeria, Restrepia and Allied genres There is 1 product.

Dracula is a plant of the Orchidaceae family found in the high-lying forests of South America (from Mexico to Peru, Andes Cordillera). This new genre was separated from the genus Masdevallia in 1978.

These orchids, very colourful in shape of cut, whose petals and sepals end in large tails possess large hanging flowers. The name Dracula comes from the Romanian Drac, meaning devil and Dracula, evil.

Lepanthes is a kind of orchids with more than 700 species.

Restrepia is a genus of the Orchidaceae family.

Masdevallia, named in honor of José Masdevall, physicist and botanist at the court of King Charles III of Spain. The genera Luerella and Rodrigoa are included in the genus Masdevallia. They are known for their relatively small size, or even dwarf in some species, with flowers of less than a centimetre to more than 6 cm in diameter. These flowers are quite simple: the petals and the Labelle are particularly small, leaving room for the sepals, often very tapered. The flowers are usually bright: red, orange, yellow, pink. The leaves are oblong, tough and dark green. They don’t have pseudobulbs.